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Ancient Goddess Retreat in Ojai, CA

A Day in the Life of an Ancient Goddess Retreat
- Artemis

Hosted by Helen Hodgson - In Ojai, CA

Ancient Goddess Retreat in Ojai, near Santa Barbara, CAAugust 21 - August 23
Aug 21 at 4:00pm to Aug 23 at 12:00pm
Register & More Information

Spend a weekend with other powerful women, like you, who value themselves and invest in their own bliss and well-being. Expect delicious & nourishing foods, massage, precious time for individual silence and stillness, laughter, joy and connection to other Goddesses.

Some of the activities will include:
Archery with special guest Virginia Hankins
Invocation Circles, Yoga, Meditation, Story-Telling, Self-Reflection Time & Journaling, Music-Making & Drumming, Mythical Re-enactments of Goddess Myths, Chanting & Singing, Gentle, Flowing Free-Form Dance & Body Movement, Delicious Local Vegetarian Food by Caspar Poyck

Dear Goddesses,
I believe every woman is born with a big, radiant mission. She may be a mother + homemaker, a visionary & artist, a nurse, a therapist or in any service capacity … or even a corporate CEO. And no matter what form her mission takes, she is worthy of love, reverence, time for self-reflection and deep relaxation. To be immersed in her own remarkable & unique essence. We’re all worthy of self love and reverence.

I created A Day in the Life series of retreats just for these women. My women.
Because I also believe we are all connected to a lineage of Sacred Feminine power; a power told in the ancient mythologies and stories of the Greek Goddesses. Maybe you have forgotten the stories. Maybe you have forgotten how to love and care for your body and soul. Through a sacred retreat, a vacation away from your day-to-day life, you will begin to remember. Read on to know more about my Goddess Retreats and my invitation to you to join us for a weekend Goddess Retreat.

1st Thursday Reiki Share

Hosted by Seth Nickinson

Thursday, August 6, 7 to 8:30 PM

@ Sage Center for Health
22 N. Milpas St., Ste D, Santa Barbara
Behind Eller's Donuts, Ste D, come in front door.

Reiki Masters and total novices alike are welcome! We always have a mix of experience levels.

Santa Barbara Reiki ShareA Reiki share is a chance to learn about, offer, and receive healing energy. Our intention is to build a local Reiki community while basking in positive vibes. Everyone who wishes to will have a turn on the table to receive Reiki.

Rather than 1-on-1 practice, we come together in community. Everyone present has a chance to both give and receive Reiki. The good juju inside a Reiki share is totally palpable. When you get Reiki from so many hands at once it's like getting healing from the many-armed goddess.

Everyone is welcome at a Reiki share, even if you have never worked with Reiki or energy healing before.

The share is great for:
• Reiki Masters looking to build community
• Reiki students who want experience with the energy
• Curious folks who aren't yet comfortable with a 1:1 treatment but want to check out Reiki
• Practitioners of other healing disciplines who want to see what Reiki is about
• Anyone in need of healing who feels able to give as well as receive
• People who want Reiki but can't afford an individual session

$10 donation requested but no one turned away for lack of funds.
More about this Reiki Shares

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Mindfulness Practice Retreat

Sunday 7/19, 2:30 - 6 pm

@ La Casa de Maria
800 El Bosque Rd.,
Santa Barbara, CA 93108


Program Leader: Radhule Weininger

Mindfulness Practice Retreat in Santa Barbara1/2-day retreat to create a refuge for calming the mind, opening the heart and finding peace with ourselves and others through gently guided meditations, including Metta (Loving-kindness) meditation. All are welcome, practitioners and beginners.

Mindfulness helps to cultivate dual awareness of both our inner state of mind and heart and the awareness of the world in front of us. This practice helps to increase inner calm and self-knowing, as well as more balance and skillfulness concerning our interactions with others. Through this practice we can develop our innate self-compassion and compassion for others. Woven into it is an orientation towards kindness and seeing deeply into the nature of things, which invites us to see how all is interconnected.

2 CEs available for MFT & LCSW.

More Info & Make a Reservation

Program Leader – Radhule Weininger, MD, PhD, practices psychotherapy and has studied Mindfulness meditation in Dharmsala, India, Indonesia and with Jack Kornfield through Spirit Rock Buddhist Center and with Alan Wallace.

Santa Barbara Green Drinks

Santa Barbara Green Drinks:
Earth Friendly Cocktails

Local Bar Demonstrates the True Meaning of “Green Drinks”

at The Good Lion, located next to the Granada Theater (1212 State Street)

Tuesday, July 21, 6-8 PM

LoaTree invites you to attend our upcoming Green Drinks event. This event highlights The Good Lion’s sustainability efforts to produce a fresh, rotating cocktail menu made from local, seasonal produce.

Free 21+ event. The Good Lion will serve a $9 “green” drink special all evening. Also, Sama Sama Kitchen will provide $5 appetizer specials for guests.

For more information, email Riley Hubbell at or 805-440-8631. See the poster & Facebook Page.

The Good Lion’s sustainable efforts include recycling spirit bottles and use of biodegradable & compostable utensils/supplies. They also have new projects, including the preservation of citrus from spoiling and the development of a nonprofit dedicated to utilizing ice waste.

Santa Barbara Green Drinks, hosted by LoaTree, is a series of social gatherings intended to connect a broad section of our community interested in business, environmental responsibility and social good. This year LoaTree will be collaborating with Association of Environmental Professionals to bolster and enhance series programming.

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