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About Abby

I was born into a family of Russian mystics. My intuitive gifts started to show up when I was young. At age 8, I saw my little brother's astral body in my room one night. I followed it down the hall and saw his physical body sleeping next to my mother. Then the astral body started laughing as I ran back to my room and turned all the lights on.

My initiation into the the intuitive arts started when I had a spiritual awakening while attending college in Mexico in the 1970's. I was given my first deck of Tarot cards and then a teacher from England appeared to show me a way of bonding with the Rider-Waite cards. It was during this time that my trance channeling started as well.

After I returned from Mexico with my B.A., my quest to acquire metaphysical knowledge started. I learned Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology,Past Life Regression and crystal healing while working as a public school teacher. I never married or had children. That gave me a lot of time to pursue my spiritual interests. In the early 1980's I produced psychic fairs called Psychic Celebration that were held all over Southern California. I started doing 15 minute mini readings at my fairs and gained a great deal of experience combing the information from the Tarot cards with my psychic impressions.

When situations arose that showed me that my time working in the public schools was coming to an end, I made a vow to myself and to god/goddess/all that is to do nothing but spiritual/healing work. I have been doing that since 1994.

In 2001 I moved to Sedona Arizona with the goal of using my metaphysical gifts and knowledge on a larger scale. My 14 years in Sedona enabled me to get get a tremendous amount of practice doing psychic readings. I estimate that I did around 10,000 mini readings in 14 years. While doing these readings my ability as a medical intuitive emerged. I call it a health scan. If a client has health concerns, I close my eyes and I see an outline of their body, with different parts of the body highlighted. I learned these were the areas of physical challenge. I then hear natural remedies for the condition or am told that the client has to seek further medical attention from holistic or traditional practitioners. During these readings my ability to communicate with departed loved ones also started. I found that not only was guidance coming from those who had crossed over, but they were also able to make amends for their shortcomings and clear up family mysteries.

In Sedona, which is an international mecca for spiritual seekers, I had the opportunity to learn four different types of energy healing. Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu are Japanese systems of energy medicine. Integrated Energy Therapy and Rising Star chakra clearing are techniques for releasing blocks and stagnant energy from the organs and systems of the body.

In 2009, three days before taking a writing class, I was given a message to write the story of my relationship with a deceased Mayan astrology scholar, Ian Ixl Lungold. I have written three books that are available on Amazon. The Mayan Sacred Count of Days is a memoir of my life with Ian. The Mayan Astrology Handbook is his system of astrology and The Mayan Magician's Kiss is a fantasy with a Mayan theme.

In 2014 I started to hear the voice of my mother in my mind, who was 97 at the time, asking me to be with her. We had been very close all my life and I had not spent more than a week a year with her for 18 years. In July Of 2015, after liquidating my life in Sedona, I arrived in Ojai. I had 8 great months with my mother before she passed in March of 2016.

Now I am at a new juncture on my road of life. I seek to make available all the natural abilities and knowledge I have acquired to the world.


  • PSYCHIC READINGS (May include Tarot cards, health scan and messages from the departed)
  • ENERGY MEDICINE — Reiki, Jun Shin Jyutsu, Rising Star Healing System, Integrated Energy Therapy
  • ASTROLOGY CHARTS (Traditional and Mayan)

When I sit with a client and lay out the Tarot cards, it creates an energetic connection with the client that allows information from their higher guidance to come to me through Clair audience(clear hearing), Clairvoyance (clear seeing) or Clair-sentience (clear feeling). I may refer to the cards a lot or hardly at all, depending upon the connection I have with the client and the guides and departed loved ones that are around them. This connection can also work through the telephone for phone readings.

The Tarot cards have the ability to reveal what is within the client's subconscious. All the information about the past, present and future is stored there. The cards are a vehicle for the information locked in the subconscious to come into the conscious world. The subconscious speaks in symbols. Everyone has experienced the communications of the subconscious during dreams. The pictures in the Tarot cards really symbolic representations of every situation in life.

A psychic reading can be used to glean insights about relationships, health, family, career, co-workers, finances, investments and relocation.


During the eight years Abby and I worked together, she has given me accurate information that has helped me, my family, friends and my clients in countless ways. She has a pipeline to the departed that has astounded my family as well as myself.

Abby did a reading for my mother. My mother told me that the first thing Abby said when she laid out the tarot cards was “Your father wants to be with your mother.” This meant that my grandfather, who had passed, wanted his ashes to be put with my grandmother, who was still alive. My mother took this very seriously because her father's ashes had been poorly handled by my uncle. My mother then made a big effort to get my grandfather's ashes back. They arrived in a Wishbone salad dressing bottle.

Shortly after the ashes returned, my grandmother passed. Their ashes were put together in a large, urn. My grandmother and grandfather loved each other very much and wanted to be together. Abby helped my family carry out their wishes.

During a Reiki session, Abby told me that my dead grandmother was showing her a pair of drop earrings. Abby described them and told me they were in “a cabinet.” I didn't think much of this advice because I had looked everywhere already. I always put my jewelry in the same place. I decided to look again. They were somewhere I never put my jewelry:they were in the medicine cabinet above the bathroom sink!
- Missy, AZ

I have had several readings with Abby, both in person and on the phone. I had a big career decision to make. I needed to know if it would be good to switch companies. I had worked for Oracle for many years but was considering a change. Abby looked into three different choices of other companies. In the end she said it would be good to stay where I was. I took that advice and it turned out to be the best outcome for me.
- Gary, MI


The group consciousness that I channel, first came to me while I was attending college in Mexico. This opening was part of my spiritual awakening. The loving, inspiring group energy who call themselves The Assembly of Light started communicating to me through automatic writing. Their first message to me was “It is time for your work to begin. You will be speaking only the truth.”

As time went by, the way they have conveyed guidance through me has changed. For a while I did flame drawings. I would hold my hand over the drawing and they would start speaking through me. At some point I stopped the drawings and just let the verbal message come through. As time went on I let the verbal messages flow without the drawings.

After giving weekly groups in the Palm Springs area for a couple of years, my body started moving during the channeling groups and a great deal of healing energy started to come through. Those who were in these groups reported healing of minor ailments such as headaches, abscessed teeth, stomach aches and eye infections. The energy in group and private sessions has become stronger over the years. After a group session everyone feels energized. It is not unusual for people to be up til one am after attending a session.

As well as giving inspiring group messages of global significance, The Assembly of Light imparts a great deal of practical information that can be applied to daily life. The group message usually lasts about a half hour. Then the Assembly of Light will switch communication modes and they are open to individual questions.

The individual messages last about 5 -10 minutes and each person in the group receives a great deal of information. The Assembly of Light may share health suggestions, ways of dealing with life challenges and communications from spirit guides and departed loved ones. You may get insights into your soul purpose, or the most spiritual use of your time on earth. In the short message you may also obtain suggestions about crystals, food, colors and visualizations to accomplish goals or bring healing.

Over the years I have been amazed at the accuracy and details that come from this celestial source of wisdom and guidance.

I provide access the the Assembly of Light through group and individual in person sessions as well as individual phone sessions.


I first met Abby when I attended one of her channeling events at the Sedona Creative Life Center. When it was my turn to ask a question, I included a question about my daughter. She had been trying to have a child for some time with no success. The Assembly of Light suggested Acupuncture treatments. Within a short time of starting the treatments, she became pregnant. I feel that The Assembly of Light was instrumental in helping my two granddaughters come into the world.
Terri, Ca

I have attended several of Abby's group channelings and had private sessions with her guides for many years. I came to her group when I was at a crossroads. A long term, live- in relationship had just ended and I needed a new place to live and a new life.

The first bit of guidance I received from Abby's group that came to pass was that I would be living in a beautiful house, with a spectacular view and it would be surrounded by pine trees. I thought that would be a good trick since I was living in the desert and there were no pine trees in the area. Within a short time I was offered a long term house sitting situation. The house was overlooking an arroyo with a panoramic view of the desert. The owners had planted a row of pine trees at the back of the house!

In a short time I had a private session with Abby. I had been thinking of starting a craft business, since I enjoyed working with my hands. The Assembly of Light encouraged the business. I started a pottery and t-shirt business that supported me for more than twenty years. I have had a comfortable living and even bought a house with a studio for doing the business. The Assembly of Light gave me the courage to follow my passion and the advice has served me well.
Sue, CA


In 1988 I pursued my interest in past life regression and studied with a man who is a pioneer in the field of hypnotherapy:Dick Sutphen. After learning his method, I added some variations that were given to me by my guides.

The method that I use has proven to be extremely effective in transforming and releasing physical and emotional residues from other lifetimes. Many of the relationship, health and career challenges that people deal with today are really repetitive patterns, locked in the subconscious, that started in a past life and are manifesting in a person's present life.

The technique that I use starts with what has come to be know as guided imagery. I take the client through an induction process that helps them release resistance to the process, feel protected and retrieve the information quickly and easily.

When a client walks out into their past life, most feel like they are in the middle of a movie. They see the important scenes of the lifetime unfold. Some experience it in great detail, others just sense or feel what is transpiring. We all have different ways of perceiving. My technique helps everyone use their own pathway of perception to get the healing they desire. During the session I guide the client through the past life to make sure that they get through the life time and acquire the information they are seeking.

At the end of the session the client gets messages from their guides and teachers about the lifetime they have just viewed or information that can help them in their present life .If the past life is negatively impacting the client's present life, I help them break the bond to that lifetime.

I am also able to use hypnotherapy sessions to help clients stop smoking, improve performance in sports and build confidence to achieve desired goals. I have clients record these sessions so that they can use reinforcement at home to stabilize the achievements in our sessions.


Abby and I were co workers at a metaphysical bookstore in Sedona. I was having a horrible time with my digestive system. I was not able to eat food that had not been cooked and blended. I had spent time and money seeing an M.D who wanted me to have gall bladder surgery.

Out of desperation and a fear of surgery, I let Abby help me with a regression. Once I was in the past life I was dumbfounded by how clearly this past life unfolded. I could hear Abby talking to me, helping me through it, but I could could hardly speak. I guess a part of me followed her instructions because I saw the life unfold very clearly.

I had been in a Nazi concentration camp. I was a young girl of 10. I had watched them kill my parents. They did experiments on me. They fed me poison that caused me to throw up. When they were done with me they threw me on top of a pile of dead bodies. I was still alive. Mercifully, I didn't last long and saw my parents waiting for me as I was finally freed from that horror.

When the session was done, so much that had happened to me as a child made sense. I was adopted. I used to throw up a great deal. Now I understood why.

I awoke the next day, had coffee and brownies with my next door neighbor and had no sign of stomach upset. Abby and this session changed my life.
Julie, Santa Fe, NM


I have used this term, that has come about in recent years, to describe an ancient form of healing: laying on of hands. These methods have existed for centuries, but have been overshadowed by the technology of modern medicine. Slowly, this form of energy transference is making a comeback. I have learned some ancient energy healing techniques from Japan and some that have manifested through teachers of the 21st century. What they all have in common is that the practitioner becomes a conduit for the flow of energy that is all around us. Many traditions call this energy by different names. In the East Indian cultures it is called Prana. The Asian cultures call it Chi. The Mayans called it Itz. I like to think of it as universal energy that is able to be directed through one person to another.

REIKI - This method of energy transference comes from the Japanese tradition. I simply put my hands on the person and then I visualize and repeat the names of the Reiki symbols. The energy then starts to come through me. Since being a channel for energy has developed for me over the years with my other modalities, I have been very successful in bringing through Chi to help clients with a variety of concerns.

I have found Reiki valuable in several types of situations. It is excellent for helping people calm down while in the midst of trauma, to recover after an accident or surgery and to help pets when they are ill or getting close to passing.


I came to work and everyone was in a panic. Kelsey had just found out that her one year old daughter had spinal fluid leaking out of her body from the base of her spine. Her daughter needed immediate surgery and they had no insurance.

Abby, being the consummate pro that she is and a giving soul, asked Kelsey to sit down for a few minutes while she did Reiki on her. Begrudgingly Kelsey let Abby do her thing. I had to leave the room for about 15 minutes. When I came back into the room, I could feel the difference in both ladies' energies. The calm and peace was really tangible. Kelsey had a serene expression and Abby was definitely blissed out. Abby really did something we all could feel.
Kris, NY

REIKI can also help to speed recovery from an injury or surgery. It has the ability to reduce pain and speed healing.

I used Abby for two Reiki sessions during my healing process(recovering from hip surgery) and it helped tremendously.
David, CA

REIKI has another beautiful application. It really helps pets when they are ill or just suffering from old age. Through my work with animals, I have found that Reiki can make a pet's last days more comfortable and lively.

I have two dogs that Abby has helped with Reiki. I had three dogs at the time. My great Dane, Rikka, was was on her last legs when Abby started giving her weekly Reiki sessions. I could tell the difference in Rikka's ease of movement and vitality when she had a treatment. I could also see the difference in Rikka when Abby missed a week or two.

Rikka had a treatment with Abby and the next day Rikka came with us as all my dogs did our usual walk around the football field at the high school near my home. Rikka was happy and walked at her usual pace. When we came back to the house, she laid down to rest and in about a half hour she was gone. I am glad Abby helped her enjoy her time up until the end.
- Tom, AZ


This energy treatment is also from Japan. It was developed at the beginning of the 19th century. It activates points on the acupuncture meridians that are called energy locks. There are 26 energy locks at different places on the body. When I hold these points I can feel a change in the person's energy field. It is almost like a purr or a hum. The client can also feel the change in their body when my hands are on the energy locks. The overall effect is that the flow of energy through the body's electrical system is enhanced.


During the Jin Shin Jyutsu session I had with Abby I had a lot of pleasant feelings in my body. It was relaxing and I felt good afterwards. In my everyday life I noticed that I was not as shaken by problems. I also noticed that sex was better. All the sensations were intensified. Jin Shin Jyutsu is good!
Lucy, TX


I must say that even though I do many healing modalities, Rising Star is the one energy work that has changed my life for the better in a big way. I feel it has helped me reconnect with my joy and move forward into a better life.

Rising Star is a chakra clearing technique that focuses on cleansing the seven major energy centers of the body, also known by the Hindu term chakras. The man who brought this technique to the world is Derek O'Neill. He is a psychotherapist. He was giving a lecture as part of his workshop called “The Truth Shall Set You Free.” Before a group of 300 people he healed a woman using the new technique he calls Rising Star.

He was surprised by what he had received. He is not a channel or psychic. He does have a strong background in Eastern religion. Mr. O'Neill has said that the ascended master Hilarion oversees Rising Star.

Mr. O'Neill asks that a person going through the Rising Star system have three sessions and that they do not have massage or other energy work for 21 days after a treatment. During my first treatment I had a few visions that were connected to the different chakra centers. With my eyes closed I saw a big, black spider with long legs being sucked out of my abdomen. After my first treatment I noticed that I felt more joy and happiness. During my second session I saw the mama and baby spiders crawl out of my abdomen. From my experience I feel that Rising Star can remove implants, entity attachments and energy blocks from the chakra centers. After the third session my life began to change.

With literally no effort I found a great new place live a week after my last session. Six weeks after the session I met a man with whom I had a two year relationship. I had given up on love and hadn't been in a relationship in 12 years. He took me to Hawaii, helped me finish and publish a book, gave me a computer, a car and helped me in countless other ways. I feel Rising Star enables us to accept our highest good and greatest happiness.


I am a hairdresser and had my own business in a salon/spa where Abby did readings. She had just learned Rising Star and wanted to use me as a guinea pig and practice it on

me. I had nothing to lose and maybe something to gain. I have a very happy family life. My husband is great and my daughters are fabulous. I couldn't complain about that. Money was my concern at the time. I had just started at the salon and business was slow. After my second Rising Star treatment my business suddenly exploded. I started doing hair and nails for brides and their bridesmaids. I even got a write up in a bridal magazine.

I feel the Rising Star helped me. My life is blessed and it keeps getting better and better.
Lisa, AZ


I have found this technique to be a great tool for clearing out stagnant energy and blocks from the organs and systems of the body. This method calls upon the angelic realm to help remove the unwanted energy from the body. The theme of Integrated Energy Therapy is “Get the issues out of your tissues.” It is what has been called a “pull out” technique. It releases guilt from the top of the head and imprints innocence, distrust from the third eye and imprints trust, shame from the throat and imprints self esteem, threat from the back of the neck and imprints support. At the shoulders it releases “the shoulds” and imprints freedom,in the heart it releases betrayal and imprints love. From the spleen it takes resentment and imprints forgiveness, from the liver it removes anger and replaces it with forgiveness, at the stomach it releases stress and imprints ease and releases fear from the kidneys and replaces it with safety.


After my IET treatment I felt very free and happy. A year later, I still feel that way. This really worked for me.
Sherri, GA



The system of astrology became clear to me during the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. I had been reading about the different parts of astrology, the natal chart, the signs, the transits and progressions, but it all never really clicked until that time.

When I do an astrology reading now, I make the reading easy to understand. I I find what I feel is most useful to the client at the present time. I discuss parts of the natal chart but I feel the best use of this type of astrology is to take advantage of what are called the transits. The term transits refers to the way the outer planets of our solar system, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto affect the planets in our birth chart.

Transits of these slow moving planets will impact a person from one to two years. Jupiter conveys expansion, Saturn demands contraction, Uranus brings surprise and upheaval, Neptune creates illusion and deception and Pluto helps with slow, inner transformation.

When you understand how these influences impact different areas of your life, such as career or business, relationships, and where you live, you can use this knowledge to obtain the best outcome for these situations. I have found that when I do an astrology chart for a person they already sense the changes that I discuss. The reading gives them confirmation that these changes are really happening in their lives. Then they feel confident about taking the action to bring about the outcomes they desire. An astrology reading helps the client make good use of the influences of the transits.


My experience with Mayan astrology started because of a love affair with a Mayan scholar. During the two years we loved together, Ian Ixl Lungold exposed me to this knowledge, took me to see Mayan shamans in Mexico, Guatemala and made me feel like I was on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland. Being his companion was an incredible adventure. Ian passed a few years after we parted ways. We were together form 1998-2000.

In 2009 I was given a clear message to write the story of our time together. Three books came forth from that message: A memoir called The Mayan Sacred Count of Days, The Mayan Astrology Handbook and a fantasy romance entitled The Mayan Magician's Kiss.

Mayan astrology works with the energy that comes form the center of the galaxy. Traditional astrology focuses on the light energy that comes from our solar system. Knowledge of both systems bring a greater understanding of ones personal nature and how to use the energy of each day effectively.

I also offer Mayan astrology charts and workshops.


My classes are called MASTERING MAYAN ASTROLOGY(text book, The Mayan Astrology Handbook is included), MASTERING TAROT CARDS (with textbook) and MASTERING REIKI.

With a background as a teacher in public education and my experience presenting Transcendental Meditation and the Flower of Life workshops, I understand what is necessary to ensure that attendees can grasp the necessary information in a short amount of time.

If you are interested in attending or hosting one of these classes, please contact me.

I have had my chart done with Abby for a few years now. The last time we did a reading, she told me it was a great time to meet a new woman. I didn't want to be rude, but I was going through hell with my now ex wife. Another woman was the last thing I wanted. Sure enough, I met an incredible lady, who is now my new wife. I Have never felt so alive and satisfied. My friends and even Abby told me how much better and younger I look. I am glad I listened to Abby!
Tom, NC


  • Half-hour Tarot card readings for $80 as well as hour sessions.
  • For departed loved ones sessions or sessions with a Health Scan and all other sessions the fee is $150 per hour. Phone sessions are available for psychic readings, channeling, astrology charts and Rising Star chakra healing system.
  • I offer discounts for packages and pet Reiki.

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