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What is Your Excuse for Not Exercising?

by Michelle Hazlewood - Universal Wellness

I Don't Have Time: The crazier your schedule is, the more you need an avenue to regularly reduce stress and pick up your energy. When you prioritize your time to include exercise, you can actually think more clearly and are more productive doing other "necessary" activities.

Exercise Is Boring: Then you've chosen the wrong activity! With all the choices today, don't limit yourself to something that you don't like. You can take all sorts of classes, step, jazz, tap, belly-dancing. You can go hiking, walk on the beach or watch a movie while you are using the treadmill, elliptical trainer or stationary bike. What sports do you like?

I'll Get in Shape Through Dieting: With diet alone, you lose both fat and lean muscle mass (which also makes up your brain tissue). Your metabolism will slow down requiring you to eat less to maintain the "lower weight". You need to exercise to firm and tone your muscles, maintain or improve your bone density and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

I Can't Afford It: You can't afford not to! The price you pay for sickness usually greatly outweighs anything spent on fitness. Find a low cost gym or community center near you. Buy a few, effective pieces of equipment you will actually use at home. Borrow from the library or purchase some exercise videos. Hire a trainer for just a few sessions to be sure you are using your time and energy efficiently. Telephone coaching is an option if you'd like a trainer but can't afford to have one come to you on a regular basis.

I'm Too Tired: Tiredness breeds tiredness. So many people are amazed that when they go out for a brisk walk (even when tired), they feel more energized afterwards. Your body and mind will do more for you if you take care of yourself right.

I Don't Know What Exercise Is Right For Me: Isn't it frustrating to spend hours working on something and not seeming to get any results? You can research the multitude of fitness information in books or on the internet. Consult a Personal Fitness Consultant for a short or long term basis to develop a program that best suits your needs and preferences.

It's Too Painful: Then you are doing something wrong! With a few exceptions like arthritis and rehabilitation, get rid of the No Pain, No Gain theory! Perhaps you need to look into different modes of exercise. Move at your own pace and observe my golden rule, "Listen to your body and, when in doubt - don't!" Exercising too hard or incorrectly is as detrimental as not exercising enough. Find the happy medium.

I Can't Get Motivated: Find activities you enjoy. Exercise with a friend. Set meaningful and realistic goals. Use music that inspires you. You can get more ideas from my "Personal Success Guide for the 21st Century".

You can have your excuses or you can have your positive, healthy results but not both! It's up to you to decide. What does the life you wish to live look like? Now take the first step today! ?

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