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Kim Klein is a gifted Coach-Practitioner working with women to accept and celebrate their imperfections so that they can then move on to live healthy and happier lives.

Hi! I’m Kim Klein, and it’s my goal to help you permanently conquer those feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and feeling that if you just lost 20 pounds, or got a better job, or were more creative, that you would then be worthy and deserving of living the life you dream about.

Why do I care so much? Why am I so passionate about what I do? Because, I’ve been in your shoes - a different story title, different characters, but the theme of my story is probably very similar to yours.

About Kim Klein

My plummeting self-esteem began when I was about 12 years old. I mysteriously gained about 30 pounds in 3 months. The doctors couldn't figure it out and told my mother "she's probably hiding food under her bed." But I wasn't. So I was put on diet pills and all kinds of diets. Nothing worked. The battle with my weight continued and set me off on that path of never feeling that I was quite good enough. Of always thinking, "If I could only lose 10 or 20 pounds then I'd be happy”~ believing that happiness was just a dress size or bikini body away.

As I got older, I started getting all of the symptoms associated with aging. Arthritic fingers and hands, unexplained weight gain, sore hips, fatigue and I was conditioned to believe this was the way it was meant to be, just part of getting older. I then went through my second divorce, which was soul crushing and left me feeling like a failure, again (notice, I said second divorce) I started feeling tired, used up, and my self-esteem took another nosedive. I needed to be my own best friend and apply all that I had learned studying Feng Shui, Wabi Sabi, and nutrition to my own life. And then it was time to share it with others.

Soon clients began coming to me to seek out health and wellness coaching and it didn't take long before it became evident that most of their issues (weight, stress, insomnia, IBS, etc.) had a root problem, and it wasn’t necessarily with food or lack of exercise. It was a combination of things. But more often than not, that root problem seemed to stem from troubled relationships; first and foremost, the one we have with ourselves. The feelings of “not being good enough” in one area or another was the common denominator. This naturally led to working towards personal growth, acceptance, forgiveness, self-esteem, knowing our worth, and knowing that we are love and lovable.

What do I want for you?
I want you to feel at home in your own skin. To love and appreciate your body, whether it's a size 2 or a size 22. To know that you are worthy, to know that you are here for a reason, to live life fully and revel in your own individuality. To accept and embrace your perfectly imperfect self so that you can focus on what’s truly important, living a healthy and happier life. To be you. No apologies necessary.

A Health Coach is your partner, it is an interactive process. I’ll be there to guide and support you. So get ready, we’re going on this adventure together.


My Training
I received my training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program.

During my training, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. My teachers included Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; Dr. Deepak Chopra, leader in the field of mind-body medicine; Dr. David Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center; Dr. Walter Willett, Chair of Nutrition at Harvard University; Geneen Roth, bestselling author and expert on emotional eating; and many other leading researchers and nutrition authorities.

I received my training as a Feng Shui Practitioner from the 3-year BTB Masters Training Program in San Francisco. There I studied the teachings of Professor Lin Yun under teachers Steven Post, Barry Gordon and Dr. Edgar Sung. I continue to attend advanced workshops and training with various teachers.

My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, preventive health and Feng Shui. Drawing on these skills and knowledge, I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

About Simply Wabi Sabi

WABI-SABI is a Japanese word that is loosely translated as FINDING THE BEAUTY IN IMPERFECTION.

It’s not too late to change -
it’s never too late to change

Imagine for a moment how amazing your life could be if you truly accepted the person you are, and totally and unapologetically could just be you.
Well, I'm here to help you achieve that.
Look, I get it. I’m right there with you.

I've had weight issues for most of my life, relationship challenges, divorces, career flops, and do-overs at 50 years old. Life isn’t always that bowl of red-ripe, juicy cherries that we’d like it to be.

In fact, life, just like all relationships, takes work. And there are ups and downs. But when we begin to practice self-acceptance (which is harder to do than it sounds!) we will then treat ourselves with the care and respect we deserve. Our health will improve because we will no longer sabotage or treat our bodies, minds, and souls with disrespect. We will make the best choices for ourselves more often than not.

Show up for you. Make time to take care of your own needs and desires. And by the way, taking care of yourself doesn't mean "me first" - it means "me too" - Get healthy in all areas of your life, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Get back your energy, get better sleep, find the weight that works for you, feel fulfilled in your relationships, with your purpose, and with your self!

Contact me for a Free Consultation.

Santa Barbara Feng Shui Hammocks

Feng Shui

List of Feng Shui Services


Consultations provide you with the needed information to create positive changes for the occupants of your home or business. Consultations can be used for overall improvement in one’s life or to define specific goals such as improving your health, increasing business or wealth, attracting a romantic partner or most any other area of your life that you would like to enhance. All consultations are completely confidential.

Included in the consultation:

• Client interview
• Site survey & analysis
• Written report
• Phone follow-up

Client provides floor/house plan. Payment is due at time of consultation and must be placed in a red envelope. Travel time is applied to those outside of a 60 mile radius.

Residential ~ Maximize the flow of energy (chi) in your home to enhance all areas of your life. Whether it be health, relationships, wealth, fame, career, etc., using the principles of Feng Shui can activate and create new energy and possibilities.

Commercial ~ Optimize productivity, energy, and morale by employing basic Feng Shui principles in your workplace. See how changes, such as the proper placement of desks, cubicles, and people, can create a more beneficial working environment.

New Construction/Remodel ~ Can include: site/house orientation, color & material choices, auspicious room placement, landscape.

Pre-purchase Evaluation ~ Before buying or renting a home or office - be aware of the Feng Shui of the building/land you will be living/working with.

Phone Consultations ~ When time or distance makes on-site consultation impractical. Effective and less costly, plus, you have the convenience of anytime, anywhere, and can even stay in your pajamas!

Hourly Just have a few questions you'd like answered? I'm available by phone, Skype or email, to help you with those important Feng Shui decisions. $60/hr

You can host your own Feng Shui Workshop if you live in the Santa Barbara, CA, area. The basic “Intro to Feng Shui” lasts approximately 4 hours (must have a 5 guest minimum).

Other advanced workshop topics include Feng Shui & Health, Feng Shui & Wealth, Feng Shui & business, etc. Same price and same guest minimum. Must have taken Intro to Feng Shui (or have basic understanding of Feng Shui principles and be familiar with the Black Sect Baqua) before taking these more advanced workshops.

Blessing Ceremonies/Space Clearing:
Blessing ceremonies can be performed upon moving into a new home or business, at a groundbreaking, after a spell of bad luck, or to create new and auspicious chi for a home or site. Blessings are usually completed within the hour.

Personal Consultations:
One on one consulting on a specific life area where Feng Shui adjustments are needed.

Feng Shui Re-Design/Decorating:
Transform your living space with existing furnishings and accessories –an affordable alternative to traditional interior design. Incorporate Feng Shui principles, proper furniture placement, color, and balance to create dramatic and exciting results.

Call or email for more information or to schedule a consultation:

More about Kim's Services & Programs


I started working with Kim right after my mother passed away last year. I was at the lowest point in my life, mentally, physically and emotionally. We started working with my “circle of life” and Kim would give me guidance in each area, little things I could do, small changes I could make. Before I knew it, things started to shift for me and after only 4 months of working together I began to feel lighter, happier, more motivated, and my creative side shifted into full gear. So many foods & drinks have now been "crowded out" of my life!!! It makes my body so happy and I love my new relationship with food. Just the thought of eating or drinking something crappy, makes me sick! I told Kim during the holidays that I felt like I was her "Christmas miracle." Because of my work with Kim, I have become a new and improved version of my “old self” :-)
- Gigi E. - Roseville, CA

After being on Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and just about every other diet in the world, I heard about health coaching from a friend. I found Kim and began working with her and her six-month program. Through simple lifestyle changes and getting back to basics, she has helped me to lose over 20 lbs. And in the process, my entire family got healthier. My husband, John, lost 12 lbs, and my daughter, Caitlyn, lost 7 lbs. Yipee! Kim’s guidance, motivation and support was key to my success. I love my new life and we will never go back to our families old unhealthy ways.
- Marianne S. - Ventura, CA

When first I met Kim I had just come off a film working for a long stint and was living on my own and eating out a lot. I was steadily gaining weight and slept propped up every night due to my hiatal hernia from a life spent eating rich, spicy, processed foods. I hired Kim, who having studied with the likes of such health gurus as David Katz, Joshua Rosenthal, Deepak Chopra and Michael Pollan, got me eating things that grew out of the ground. If it was processed with a label, it wasn’t on the grocery list. Soft drinks, goodbye. Consciousness happened. But I didn’t become a little Hitler about it and go crazy. I occasionally fall off and enjoy those foods and drinks but the point is, it’s not my normal routine anymore. That’s the thing. My health problems have vanished. I sleep like a baby now without being propped up and completely forgot I had a hiatal hernia condition. I don’t use a scale but the mirror tells me much more. Thanks to Kim’s health coaching, I’m wearing pants I haven’t worn for years. But most importantly, is my state of mind. I treasure my health now and covet it. I’m happy in general. And when that occasional backyard barbecue doesn’t yield for something healthy, I bring on the burger with no regrets!
- Michael B. - Carpinteria, CA

I loved working with Kim! She was a real inspiration and helped point me in the direction that I wanted to take in both my personal and professional life. Though before I met with her I wasn't even sure what direction that was! She exceeded my expectations of what it would be like to work with a coach. I will be forever grateful for her support, her good humor, and helping provide me with the clarity I needed.
- Amy E. - Camarillo, CA

Jody N. - Santa Barbara, CA - I've attended a couple of workshops that Kim has put on - love her positive healing applicable teaching style. Learned so much from her as usual! Thanks for sharing with all of us!
- Amy E. - Camarillo, CA

Thank you, Kim! Your knowledge, support and caring has been amazing. I learned so much during my 6 month program and feel I've now got the tools to make great choices for myself and my family. Your program has had a huge impact in my life and I feel forever changed! I'm very grateful.
- Lucy A. - Boulder, CO

Really knowledgeable, caring. Great ideas for change in various areas. Very optimistic and encouraging. Tons of experience (17 years). My go-to gal!"
- Sherrilynn P. - Port Hueneme, CA

Working with Kim was delightful. She was so friendly, approachable, and non-judgmental! Her step-by-step program made it so easy for me and as a result, I never felt overwhelmed. I felt empowered by what she had taught me and by the positive changes I was making. My six-month program ended but I feel like the experience and knowledge I gained will last a lifetime.
- Ricki L. - Portland, OR

Thank you so much for your wonderful webinar on transforming self through being "good-enough" - imperfect as we are! The Wabi Sabi idea is one I've heard of - and in pottery of course, I'm very familiar with it. Hmmm, for my flawed inner me? Right... I loved the ideas you presented, and thank you for the free eBook - I'll be reading it this evening. I've already started planning my meals, my exercise routine (started in Dec), and time for my passions as well. This - you - came at the right time for me. Thank you - much appreciated! Merci.
- Celia L. - Webinar attendee

Kim Klein is a true professional. Her suggestions and gentle guidance have helped me to establish my goals and how I would like to achieve them. She offered me the best gift - hope. Yes, the assignments were a "tall order." I feel they are necessary for growth and change. That is what I want and need. Kim is a lovely little gift wrapped beautifully with a bow from the Universe - xxxooo. I highly recommend her services. She never disappoints!
- Melinda B - Oxnard, CA

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