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Santa Barbara Theta Healing Meditation - Linda ReichertLinda Reichert
Theta Healing Certificate of Science, Master Instructor,
and Practitioner

Santa Barbara, California


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Holistic Services


If you’re ready to create change in your life and would like to achieve spiritual, physical, or emotional well-being than a theta healing session is ideal for you. The theta healing technique is fast, profound and life changing. In many instances we can uncover in one session what may take psychiatrists or psychologist’s years to discover. Some of the benefits of a Theta Healing session are listed below.


  • Activate your DNA?
  • Achieve greater levels of well-being?
  • Reclaim your true self?
  • Release trauma and abuse?
  • Release fears and phobias?
  • Release guilt, anger, hatred, grudges or prejudice?
  • Release regret, resentment and feelings of rejection?
  • Release negative patterns that no longer serve you?
  • Unlock your creativity?
  • Increase and open up your psychic abilities?
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem?
  • Know that you are worthy?
  • Free yourself from abandonment issues?
  • Heal from illness?
  • Heal your broken heart?
  • Deepen your spiritual connections?
  • Remove blocks that keep you from manifesting your soulmate?
  • Remove blocks to prosperity?
  • Improve relationships with partners, family and co-worker

If you’re interested in learning more about theta healing, or would like to learn how to do theta healing for yourself, or have any questions, please feel free to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation, or an appointment via the phone or skype, click here. Please be advised that all scheduling is done in the Pacific Time Zone.

If you're local to Santa Barbara, and would like to have a session in person, you must contact me directly to set that appointment up, online scheduling is not applicable. All free consultations are done by phone only.

Linda Reichert is a Theta Healing Certificate of Science, Master Instructor and Practitioner and teaches classes throughout the US and Abroad. If you would like more information about hosting a class in your State or Country, please let me know.

Is Chakra Balancing Right For Me?

This chakra balancing mini session is designed for people that feel like they are out of alignment and can use a quick power boost. Chakras can be super healthy and vibrant, and they can also be over- activated, under-activated, depleted or congested. What is included in the chakra balancing:

Clearing your energy field of intrusive energies such as, other people’s thought forms, entities, psychic hooks, unwanted attachments, waywards, excess radiation, and cutting cords. Chakras will be aligned and balanced. You may choose to have your DNA activated which will increase your body’s resilience to environmental pollution and increase your psychic awareness and abilities.

Benefits of chakra balancing include but are not limited to; bringing an optimal flow of energy through each of your chakras, and create balance in the sense that the energy is more evenly distributed, greater clarity, focus, balance, calm, rejuvenation and a sense of being grounded

This is a 15 minute session done via phone in the US or Canada or skype anywhere in the World. Click here to schedule your chakra balancing appointment.

More about Chakra Balancing

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval, there is much written about the soul—what is the soul; our soul’s journey, and the soul’s retrieval in various cultures and religions. It is through my own experiences and education that I have come to believe that our soul travels with us throughout all time. Our soul is truly magnificent and is much larger than our physical human body. Our soul is always working to teach us lessons in order to develop and refine our virtues so we can evolve into awakened, higher conscious beings. Not only for our sake, but for the sake of all of humanity.

“Just as we have a human body that can be broken, we sometimes accumulate emotional issues to the extent that cracks begin to form in the energy field of the soul. Sometimes life can become so intense in this illusion of reality that we become overwhelmed by the harshness of this existence and all the terrible things that happen to us”. {Vianna Stibal, Advanced Theta Healing; Second Edition 2011}

Sometimes these experiences are so horrific or difficult to endure that we leave our bodies. By disassociating, from the experience, it allows us to cope or survive. When we experience a traumatic life experience, it causes damage and fragmentation to the soul. Here are a few examples of what can cause fragmentation or damage to our soul;

  • Combat, PTSD, suicidal thoughts or tendencies
  • Grief
  • Despair, depression, rejection, abandonment
  • Despondency
  • Feelings of being fragmented, of not being all together
  • Feeling broken
  • Physical, emotional, psychic or sexual abuse
  • Terror, pain and suffering
  • Excessive use of mind altering drugs or alcohol
  • The sudden loss of a loved one or job
  • Truly shocking experiences
  • Severe life altering injury
  • Prolonged illness

More about Soul Retrieval

Anger Management

Anger is one of the major emotions we have, and it’s both amazing and destructive, depending on how you use it. Anger serves a real purpose. It protects us, it often motivates us, and it’s a way to reconnect us to the unfulfilled needs and expectations we have…Anger manifests itself in many ways and forms.

Let’s look at it from a general perspective.

What, exactly, is this firestorm of emotions that builds within you and blazes out of control? What is its driving force? If it’s something that has been repressed for years and kept under lock and key, you may find yourself surprised when it resurfaces seemingly out of nowhere. You could find yourself in a situation that triggers your anger and brings all those repressed feelings of frustration, etc. to the surface.

Sometimes we can feel the anger building within us, though we’re unsure of where it’s coming from. And yet we do nothing about it, which can be seen as our own form of anger management, so to speak. It’s simmering beneath the surface much like a volcano filled with hot lava waiting for it to ignite into flames. The anger that wells up inside of us, known and unknown can express itself through destructive behavior. Before that happens, it’s a good idea to take a look at what’s going on inside you so you can uncover or discover where your anger is coming from, and what’s its driving force. Not only does your anger, or lack thereof anger management affect you on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level, it affects the person/ people that you’re angry with along with those around you that are witness to your anger.

More about Anger Management

Clearing Negative Energy and Spirits
Spirits, Waywards, Ghost Imprints and Negative Energy

Have you ever walked into a room, or went some place and the energy felt very unsettling? It sent a chill through your body and made you shiver? Or your skin went all goosebumps? Have you ever heard strange noises, or voices coming from a specific room or place, yet no one is physically there? I have such a passion and love for this subject, and this work that I could speak about it and share amazing experiences at length, however for the sake of this web page I’m going to focus on the clearing negative energy and unwelcome spirits, not those of spiritual energies we invite, or our loved ones or our guides.

Spirits have their own reasons for sticking around. Be it around a home, businesses, a place, or people. They choose not to go to the light. While that can be really cool in some instances, I’m of the belief that your space, is your space, and the energy that is present there should be your own and not influenced or altered by negative or unwanted energies. I would suggest clearing negative energy.

Children are super sensitive and receptive and can sense and see these energies. Sometimes when a child tells their parent that someone is here, or in their room (when no one is physically visible even after a search) often times because the parent can’t see anyone they respond with a remark such as, ”its only your imagination’. The child is sensing these energies. As adults start to open up psychically, many become receptive to metaphysical and spiritual energies sensing and seeing them too. Sometime, these energies show themselves as spirits. Some spirits are good, some aren’t so good.

More about Space Clearing

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Upcoming Classes


Santa Barbara July 14-16, 2017

Registration required by June 15, 2017

More details on the BASIC DNA class



Santa Barbara July 28-30, 2017

Prerequisite: Basic DNA Certification

Registration required by June 20, 2017

More details on the ADVANCED DNA class

More about Classes at AlternativeHolisticTherapies

Basic DNA Theta Healing Seminar, ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA,Manifesting and Abundance, Intuitive Anatomy, Rainbow Children ~ Adult, Soul Mate Part 1 & Part 2

About Me – My Background

Throughout my life I have always had the sense of a higher calling – seeking out the truth in all that is around and within me. Not being limited to ideals or perceptions of how life should be, instead focusing on how life truly is. In my quest for deeper knowledge and wisdom, and a passion for helping others to benefit from the unique gifts we all carry. I have studied and explored many forms of healing practices, having a particular passion for the metaphysical and an urge to learn more about quantum physics.

As I continue to expand and evolve my conscious mind I view things from a very different perspective. I see this in all areas of life, in love and the universe… how these keys uniquely relate and respond to each of us in all that we do. Practicing and sharing this higher knowledge is reflected in the services I offer my clients on a daily basis.

My discovery of alternate complementary therapies and healings began in the early 1990’s when I left my successful career and returned to study – my focus at the time was to study medical massage and soft tissue injury rehabilitation. This was an exciting time for me, I worked with thousands of people over the years from all walks of life. I also came into close contact and treated many high profile clients, such as celebrities, triathletes, professional football / basketball players, and royalty. A list of some of my clientele from this time is available here. Please feel free to ask for more information should you wish.

In the mid 1990’s I realized there was still a missing ingredient, intuitively I knew I had to seek more, and this led me to explore Reiki healing. This too was merged into my daily work with clients, and eventually I became a Reiki Master Healer. In 1999, I was driven by my heart and soul to relocate, I left my circle of family and friends bound for California – seeking spiritual growth and understanding of my own path in life.

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