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Transformative Healing Arts and Yoga with Romi CumesRomi Cumes MA, CMT
Transformative Healing Arts

27 E. Victoria St., Suite O
Santa Barbara, CA 93101


About Romi Cumes & Transformative Healing Arts

Santa Barbara Yoga instructor, massage therapist - Romi CumesRomi Cumes M.A. is a Santa Barbara native with a deep passion for movement and healing arts. She founded Transformative Healing Arts in 2002, which offers private and group yoga instruction, bodywork (massage and energy healing), counseling, workshops, and international retreats. Transformative Healing Arts is also a performance art company, specializing in professional fire and glow dance performances for special events, festivals, and fundraisers. Romi draws from fifteen years of bodywork, yoga, and dance study to offer eclectic private sessions, classes, performances, and workshops.

International travel continues to inspire Romi's interest in shamanism, and the mystical connection between healing, nature, psychology, and culture. She holds a Master of Arts in clinical psychology, with an emphasis in somatic-based psychotherapy. She offers traditional counseling, as well as somatic (body-centered) therapy via private practice in downtown Santa Barbara, California. She also offers special workshops and retreats nationally and internationally. Romi facilitates people to deepen their connection with Self and Nature. Her intention is to help people live more freely in their bodies, while being nurtured by divine energy and creative spirit. Her classes and workshops support expansion, physical fitness, healing, spiritual wellbeing, and fun.


Expand, Transform, Savor & Thrive!

Join Romi for a transformational retreat to Peru. This top-quality, 10-day, 9-night package begins and ends in the beautiful city of Cusco. Guests stay at the exquisite Willka T’ika Garden Retreat Center in the Sacred Valley of the Inca, and receive first-class guide service to sacred sites, villages, and ruins. Enjoy the rich scenery of Machu Picchu, Cusco and other sacred sites, as well as Willka T’ika’s spectacular gardens, accommodations, and organic cuisine. Additional overnight accommodations in Cusco and Machu Picchu are also included in this package. Visit Wilka T’ika for more information on this retreat.


Email to check availability or
contact Transformative Healing Arts at 805-448-4111.

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Mystical shamanic studies and travels through the Americas and Africa have led her to explore the sacred connection between movement, nature, healing, rhythm and spirituality. Romi helps facilitate students to deepen their connection with Body and Spirit. Her intention is to help people live more freely in their bodies and embody their creative Spirit. Her classes and workshops support expansion, physical fitness, healing, spiritual wellness, personal growth and fun.

Massage with Romi

Romi draws from ten years of massage experience, and fifteen years of Yoga, acrobatics, and dance studies, to offer unique, tranformative bodywork. Her massage style is a fusion of Therapeutic Swedish, Deep tissue, Energy Work, Stretching, Muscle Articulation, Massage for Rehabilitation, Accupressure and Trigger Point therapy. She began studying bodywork in 1998 and received her certification from The Body Therapy Institute in 2002.

Massage sessions can be modality-specific, or a creative blend of different methods that align with the client. In every session, therapeutic bodywork techniques are complimented with intuitive listening to maximize the client’s healing potential. My intention is to create a relaxing and deep space for rejuvenation, Self-awareness, transformation and healing. It is important to focus on a personal healing intention before each session. I encourage people to take some time to themselves before their session to tune into what they wish to heal within their body, mind and spirit. Sitting in nature for fifteen minutes before and after your massage is a beautiful way to tap in.

Yoga with Romi

Santa Barbara Yoga - Transformative Healing Arts offers Therapeutic Massage Therapy Santa Barbara Yoga Classes - Romi's style is eclectic and creative. She weaves strength-building sequences with movement and intuitive healing modalities. Each class is unique and draws from a mix of Hatha Yoga styles such as: Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Therapeutic Restorative, Anusara and Forrest Yoga modalities. Romi draws from her extensive dance and acrobatic background and has been influenced by Modern/Jazz technique, Fire spinning, Afro-Brazilian, Traditional West African drum and dance, Improvisational, Hoolahooping/rhythmic gymnastics, Hip-hop and Capoeira.

Her class: Romi integrates focused, mindful sequences with compassionate healing awareness to provide a transformative and practical Yoga session. Her style is both dynamic and supportive of the needs of each individual. She emphasizes breath and core strengthening to help build a student's inner foundation. Romi offers healing touch and a loving, grounded space for one to actively work on their healing process.


Transformative Healing Arts offers Therapeutic Massage Therapy (restorative massage, rehabilitative, deep tissue, acupressure), as well as Energy Healing.

More info about Romi's various Massage & Healing modalities

Transformative Healing Arts offers Therapeutic Massage Therapy: restorative massage, rehabilitative, deep tissue, acupressure, and Energy Healing

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Fire-dancing, Drumming & African Dance for Performance,
Special Events & Parties

Poi class Available upon Request - Please call 805-448-4111

Poi Classes and Fire Dancing in Santa Barbara with Romi Cumes

"Practice" Poi are brightly colored ribbons with weighted balls on them you spin.
Practice-poi class is a fun movement practice and great preparation for fire-dancing.
Poi spinning increases coordination, mobility and arm strength.
Bright colored poi w/ detachable ribbons for sale.

African Dance Classes in Santa Barbara with Romi CumesDance Classes in Santa Barbara with Romi Cumes


Santa Barbara Dance Classes with Romi Cumes

Other Therapeutic Services Offered by Romi

Acupressure: Also known as “Jin Shin Do.” This technique is based on ancient Chinese Medicine and works with pressure points to balance and harmonize the body. Static pressure is applied to various points located along specific Meridian pathways in the body.

Deep Tissue: Deep pressure and penetrating strokes are combined with muscle-articulating stretches and movements. This technique may aid injury rehabilitation (depending on the injury) as well as promote pain relief. Techniques are drawn from modalities such as: Neuromuscular therapy, Rolfing, and soft tissue release/rehabilitation.

Swedish: Healing massage that combines soothing and therapeutic techniques to relax and nurture the body.

Restorative: Invigorating massage that combines faster moving effleurage and pettrissage strokes to increase circulation and the flow of lymph through the body. Lymph Definition: Lymph acts to remove bacteria and certain proteins from the tissues, as it transports fat from the small intestine and supplies mature lymphocytes to the blood.

Yoga and Energy Healing in Santa Barbara with Romi Cumes Energy Healing: In every massage modality I offer, therapeutic bodywork techniques are complimented with intuitive listening to maximize your healing potential. I also offer pure energy-healing sessions. In these sessions, I observe and tune into the client’s subtle energetic vibrations that reveal patterns of imbalance and tension in the body. This form of healing is intuitive and does not follow a set pattern. The effects are similar to those resulting from a deep Cranial Sacral or Reiki session. In a comfortable and healing environment, I work with divine (higher realm, Spirit) energies that help to create a deep, relaxing space for healing. Crystals and wild crafted plants or essential oils may also be used to clear negative energies and rejuvenate the Spirit. It is important to focus on a personal healing intention before each session. I encourage people to take some time to themselves before their appointment to tune into what they wish to heal within their body, mind and spirit. This enables us to drop into an open space for healing, as we maximize the positive results of the session.

For more information on alternative and spiritual healing, please reference the books and links on my website.

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